Hidden Treasure

One of my dream is to travel around Indonesia. From one to another island. I come from Surabaya, East Java part of Java Island (include: Central Java, West Java, and Jakarta). Yes, Jakarta is in Java Island not Jakarta Island. Its very weird to hear Jakarta people ask: do you come from Java? Java refers to city such as Solo, Jogjakarta, Surabaya. Hello there! Where your feet stand is also part of West Java.  Java island has so many natural attractions and diverse arts.

In addition to Bali and Java Island, I had visited Ambon which part of Maluku Island (Moluccas). Ambon has many stunning beach, wonderful food, most of it people has excotic black skin, curly hair with divas voice, wonderful Cathedral and it amazing history. Sadly, in Ambon violence is still common occurance. It was just two weeks after I got home from Ambon, my aunty called me by phone in the middle of the night and said that there was a chaos again. Believe it or not, I vaguely heard bullets whistlings behind that phone call. Weeww..scary, at that time I feel worried about their safety.

Traveling around Indonesia to enjoy the beauty, absolutely needs more cost compared to travel around the other Asia (due to limited airline ticket promo, I think). Raja Ampat, Bunaken, Bromo Mountain, Ijen Crater, Borobudur Temple, what else? Umm, oh, Karimun Java, etc etc. Beauty of nature and traditions. I love my Indonesia.

2013: Bromo Mountain (with Jazz Gunung), Karimun Java (hear my prayer, God! Masih di Pulau Jawa kok, nggak jauh-jauh, hehehh!)

Liang Beach
St. Francis Assisi, The Cathedral
Rainbow, Beach, Mountain become one..Speechless!


Traditional Food: Sagu with Ikan Kuah Kuning
Fall in Love with this one!!
untukku sendiri





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