Introducing my Bestfriend

Let me introduce you with my GSI Friends. GSI means Geng Sehat Indonesia. Named GSI because most of us having size L-XL. Eventhough having big size is not always healthy,  but we have been on this circle for 8 years and still healthy.  At the beginning of our studied at Petra Chistian University until now, sometimes  we’re still hanging out, sleepover, joking like a teen, doing silly and embarrasing things. Yet it always fun, one of several way out from our fatigue.

Please shaking hand with Elieza Panjaitan. She’s my just-know-friend when we’re in elementry school, she’s popular while I was nobody. She’s smart, good at dancing and singing while I was good at nothing. In a high school, she’s still good at singing and I already visible to almost everyone (transformation succeeded! Proud of myself, hahahah!)). We became a bestfriend until now after 11 years. She’s family and friend lover, cheerfully person, always laughing out loud, smart,  a very good listener, easy going, and had a tragic love story. Well, on December 2012 she will be live happily ever after (hug!!). She’s very Aries kind of person. Hopefully we could be forever best friend.

Now, shaking hand with Ayu Novianti. She’s so damn hot while dancing! Yup, she is a dancer. We know each other on high school and became bestfriend in college. She’s a plegmatic type. She tends to follow what other said. But not when she’s dancing. A creative person, an animal lover, funny, impatient, having 4 years relationship (not tragic but unique) and just met her future-mother-in-law in this few day. Will end up her single status, soon (I’ll tell you on the day she decides for getting married). This year will be our 8 years bestfriend relationship.

High five with Diana Alim. She wants everything to be perfect. We know each other in high school and became besfriend in college. Let me tell you something, her height is 165 cm and her weight was 96 – 100 kg and now become 76 kg. Isn’t it WOW??!!. She has a very good self motivation to be a better her. She has a good memories (She remember my car number that I had sold within 2 years), clever person, very sanguin, daddy’s girl type, lost her mom when she’s about 20 years old, still searching for Mr. Perfect.

Hug him, Chardo Rochdjian. Has a gender He. A news presenter in local tv, a dancer, a singer, a smart and nice guy (being a jerk only if he..oops, secret!), only being himself in our circle (based on his statement). He’s everyone goodfriend, but just us bestfriend. So sanguin, he cares what people say about him, spontaneous person. Lost her lovely mom because of cancer when he 21 or 22 years old. His tears just for her mom. The only guy, in our circle.

On similar, we’re ever been in the same high school, same college, same tears, same laugh, same happiness, same sadness, same dream..but on a different path of life. I just love all of them. On good time and bad times I’ll on your side forever more. That what’s friend are for.

Actually, what friends are for?

Ps: penulis sedang belajar berbahasa Inggris melalui tulisan, maaf apabila ada kesalahan kata dan grammar.


One thought on “Introducing my Bestfriend

  1. Love us so much……….can’t imagine how we gonna be in couple years later. But I hope we’ll never change…….

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